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Membership Overview

Saco Sport & Fitness is a family of fitness professionals that offer an outstanding array of convenient and affordable programs to help you keep fit and stay healthy. The cost for a full month's membership is less than a ski lift ticket, a round of golf, or a dinner out – and you get the advantage of working out as many times as you like from 5am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 6am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday! And our membership includes all group exercise classes!

Whether you are a student, a senior citizen, a serious triathlete, or someone who simply wants to maintain a certain level of fitness, Saco Sport & Fitness has a membership plan program that works for you.

Membership Fees 2015

Membership Fees – Unlimited access to the club and classes!

Start-up Enrollment Fee: $89

Monthly Fees Single Couple Parent & Kid(s) Family
  $56.95 $95.95 $85.95 $119.95
      Includes Babysitting Includes Babysitting

All Memberships are Month by Month, No annual Contracts required

*Billed automatically to a checking account or credit card.

Training Programs – How we help you succeed - Call for Fees

The “Momentum” Program
90 Days of One on One Coaching

60 min/wk of Fitness, Nutrition, and Behavior Change coaching
Includes full Membership plus before & after Health Assessments
$0 Start-Up/Enrollment Fee

The “Commit to Get Fit” Program – 90 Day Wellness class
2 hours/week with Group + individual coaching
Includes full Membership plus before & after Health Assessments
0 Start-up/Enrollment Fee

Customized Personal Training
Ask about options!
Ongoing support and Motivation Customized for you!

Starter Package…
Learn a complete and simple routine!
Four sessions with a Personal Trainer

Services - Additional Convenient Services and Programs

Racquetball Court Time (1 hr/day)

Towel/Locker Combo

Unlimited Tanning

Unlimited Babysitting
$12/mo/member (vs. $6/hr/player)

$15/mo/member (vs. $1/day)


$29/mo (All Kids)
First time Members have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on Memberships and Programs!

Short Term & Seasonal Memberships

Prepaid w/no Processing Fee required.

  Single Couple Parent w/ Child Family
Daily $12 $20 $25 $30
Weekly $29 $54 $39 $81
1 month $76 $109 $105 $139
3 month $198 $316 $287 $389

Add these convenient services to your Membership...

Racquetball Court Time (up to 1/hour/day) - $12/month/member vs. $6/hour/player
Towel Service - $9.50/month/member vs. $1/day
Permanent Locker - $9.50/month/member
Towel & Locker combo pack - $15/month/member
Kids-care - $29/month vs. $6/visit

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