Priscilla Farrell

Age: 68

Occupation: Retired health care professional, primarily infection control

How long have you been a member of Saco Sport & Fitness?

since 2008

What made you decide to start coming?

In January of 2008, I was doing very poorly in many areas. I was breathing on oxygen 24/7 and had many aches and pains, had also developed type 2 diabetes and was developing more symptoms from that disease along with having no energy and less mental ability. My granddaughter told me during a January vacation that she had a dream that we took a walk on beach together. I got a call from my insurance agent telling me the membership to Saco Sport & Fitness was covered and my doctors said eat healthy and exercise so I took a chance and went to a SilverSneakers class.

Have you been able to reach your goals?

During this ongoing journey, my 2 major goals (oxygen only at night) and walking on the beach with my granddaughter have been reached. I also have been able to control my weight (lost 60 lbs), have more control of my type 2 diabetes (normal testing for the past 9 months), and lost ALL of my aches and pains. My mental acuity and memory seems better and my balance, strength and energy is fantastic. Saco Sport & Fitness has been a miracle drug for me.

If yes, how did you accomplish that and did have help and/or support?

Without the support of my husband and the many friends I have made at Saco Sport & Fitness, the goals would not have been reached. The encouragement and teachings of the personal trainers has been the key to my success, nutrition advice, personal exercise routines, classes geared to the whole and made possible for each individual level. There is a special place in my heart for my trainer, Don, whose personal attention to my specific physical activities and strong, gentle encouragement have done wonders for me along with Heather, the most enthusiastic and capable class instructor ever, and also a force in this ongoing journey.

What are your health/fitness plans for the future?

To continue my journey toward more individual accomplishments with the ongoing help of all of the supportive staff at Saco Sport & Fitness. I encourage anybody, any age, any size, with any needs to know that this haven for fitness and health right here in Saco is the place to breathe and be happy doing it, in this comfortable atmosphere that welcomes all.