Steve Boucouvalas

Age: 45

Occupation: Emergency First Responder

How long have you been coming to Saco Sports & Fitness?

10 months

What made you decide to start coming?

After pretty much a lifelong struggle with my weight and failed attempts at just about every weight loss program imaginable, the realization of the morbid impact obesity was having on my health set in. I sought out professional advice in September 2002. After consulting with my physician and another specialist, the prognosis was not good. The recommended treatment plan was as follows: mental and nutritional counseling, bar iatric surgery and a physical fitness program. Thus my journey began, and as I maneuvered through the obstacle course of bureaucracy, I continued my journey fighting the good fight and setting a goal to be fit and healthy. On October 3rd, 2006 I underwent gastric bypass surgery and upon receiving medical clearance joined the Lifeline program at University of Southern Maine.

Have you been able to reach your goals?

Upon admission to the hospital for my surgery, I tipped the scale at 393lbs. I have since have lost over 170lbs, over 50 inches, and have realized marked improvement in my health and physical condition. I am close to my goal and hope to achieve it in the next 6 months. In reality my goal is for a lifetime being fit, healthy and happy!

If yes, how did you accomplish that and did have help and/or support?

I have always had the support and encouragement of my family and friends in all of my life’s endeavors. My good friend, Anne Maragus, nominated me for a First Responder Fitness Scholarship at Saco Sport & Fitness. Owner, Scott Gillespie welcomed me in August 2006 and I began my program with Personal Trainer Heather Nutting who has been an inspiration and motivator for me. The dialogue we share and the bond we have made will forever be a part of me. Working out has enhanced my ability as a first responder and have a more positive outlook on life.

What are your health/fitness plans for the future?

I have made a promise to myself to make fitness and healthy habits a part of my daily routine. Setting goals that are measurable and realistic are essential in realizing this. Being one of French/Greek decent, enjoying cooking, good eats, and drink within due bounds is my greatest challenge. I continually say, “If I keep working at this and want it badly enough, I can have it.”