Tom Smith III

Occupation: Management / Financial Services

How long have you been a member of Saco Sport & Fitness?

I have been coming to Saco Sport & fitness for 1.5 years.

What made you decide to start coming?

Multiple reasons: After the death of my fiance, my weight ballooned. This led to pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. I also have severe arthritis in both knees. I knew weight loss/muscle strengthening would help both of these problems.

Have you been able to reach your goals?

I am real close. A little more to go.

If yes, how did you accomplish that and did have help and/or support?

I started eating better and working out six days a week. I quickly discovered how great the group exercise classes are here and how supportive the teachers and trainers are. My real breakthrough came after working with Kelly. She taught me how and what to eat and how to make my workouts more productive. Her knowledge and support has been incredible.

What are your health/fitness plans for the future?

Get to my goal and stay on track by using what I have learned and support from Saco Sport & Fitness.