Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are the foundation of any great program. We believe you have to know where you are to know how to get where you want to go. We also believe finding out your health numbers is a great motivator to help keep you moving in a healthy direction. We can tell you many of the same key numbers your MD can without the hassle or significantly higher cost of going to the doctor’s office, lab, or hospital.

The really cool part about HRAs is that after 90 Days we do another one and measure your progress.

Here are the average results of our Program participants after only 90 Days!

  • 15.2 pounds of weight Loss
  • 3.1” Waist Decrease
  • 16.3 pts decrease in Cholesterol
  • 5pts/4pts Blood Pressure Decrease
  • 42 pt drop in Triglycerides
  • 5pts decrease in fasting Blood Glucose
  • 2.5 point drop in BMI

HRA’s are included in most of our Programs, or they are available for only $75 for one or $125 for 2 (before and after).

Stop by the desk to schedule yours or email us to inquire about our Programs.


Health Risk Assessments (HRAs):

  • Includes cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), body composition and measurements, heart rate, response to exercise, and functional movement assessments
  • Results are confidential
  • Recommended lifestyle change actions are offered for areas out of “healthy range”

1 for $75
2 for $125 (before and after)


Body Composition:

  • A sonogram showing body fat versus lean muscle percentage
  • Circumference measurements
  • See your progress over time!

1 for $45
2 for $75 (before and after)



Schedule your HRA or Body COMPOSITION