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What if you could feel, look and be who you wanted to be in 12 weeks?

Having helped 100’s of clients achieve their goals; Saco Sport & Fitness has developed a Three Phase MOMENTUM Program to help you live a healthier, happier, more vital life.

This program is for people who truly want to transform their lives! It is a proven, methodical approach built on the foundation of exercise, nutrition, and healthier habits. We know it takes more than just motivation and exercise equipment; it takes proper goal setting, a customized and balanced exercise program, nutrition education, and most of all dedicated support resources to help you be the person you want to be. This is the program you’ve been looking for!


Feel Better in 4 Weeks – Guaranteed

Your Personal Trainer (Coach) will provide guidance, support and accountability to ensure you reach your goals. They will learn about you, clarify your goals, and uncover potential obstacles, and map out a customized exercise plan to get you there.
In 4 weeks You will FEEL better.

See a difference in 8 Weeks – Guaranteed

We will supply you with all the support mechanisms necessary to make this program work for you. You will receive nutrition guidance learning how to fuel your body’s change! The program will help you gain self motivation, new self-esteem, increase your energy, and best of all your appearance. You will learn what little changes that can make a BIG difference. In 8 weeks You will SEE a difference in your body.

Be a different person in 12 weeks – Guaranteed

Dramatic change does not, and should not happen overnight. It takes time to adopt new habits, learn proper exercise and nutrition, to uncover and overcome challenges, and find the right mix for you. This program is guaranteed, and has proven to work, it has been helping our clients achieve dramatic results for the past 5 years.

Let us help you BE our next success story.

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What if. You could Feel. Look. Be. Who you wanted to be.