About Saco Fitness

The Saco Sports & Fitness Story

We exist to help people reach their health & lifestyle goals. We love helping our Members achieve happiness and vitality! We do this by providing our Members ever improving wellness programs in an exceptional fitness facility. We strive to be the friendliest, most professional staff on the planet! We excel at creating fun, memorable, and inspiring experiences!

We teach, we laugh, we support, we inspire!

In 1993 the club was purchased by Scott Gillespie, the current Owner and General Manager. About a year later, the club was the destroyed in a fire. It took a year, a month, and a day to see the club redesigned, reequipped, and rebuilt to open again in 1995. Since then Saco Sport & Fitness has been met with rave reviews, steadily grown, and done three major expansions and renovations. We currently serve over 4000 Members a year, and we’re not done yet!

We are “Maine’s most comfortable club” and spend a lot of our energies creating a welcoming environment that supports all people on their journey to health, happiness and vitality. We believe “Moving makes life better” so we offer many programs to make getting active easier! We also believe “Moving together makes life great!” so many of our programs involve bringing our members together to enjoy being active in classes and groups!

We know people wanting to add healthy activities to their lives will be more successful with a support system, so we offer programs that provide motivation, education, and inspiration. We measure success by our Members’ outcomes, not just by how many people we serve.

Scott is very active in the Health & Fitness industry, speaking nationally and internationally on successful member programming. He has been featured in industry publications and consults with independent clubs. He has served on industry Boards of Directors, shaping the industry’s future, including chairing the National Industry Public Policy Committee, creating legislation and lobbying on Capitol Hill on the industry’s behalf. He currently serves on the Biddeford-Saco Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and on the Genavix HealthyCare Advisory Board working to connect health clubs with medical and corporate wellness initiatives.

Saco Sport & Fitness serves varied communities of healthy-minded people. From the Early Morning Go Getters, to the Mid-morning Mom’s, the Late Morning Aging Active to the Lunch Time Pick-up Basketballers. We have After School Students, and an ultra-diverse After Work Crowd. We serve Elite Athletes of all ages and Retirees, We’ve helped people lose weight, get strong, come off medication, get fit, play with their grandchildren, hit a golf ball further, ski steeper, sleep better, get more energy, relieve stress, eat better, get flexible, stay out of the hospital, recover from injury, climb mountains, win races, beat cancer, and best of all: simply enjoy life more!

Our members are great people! Come meet them, be inspired by them.

Achieve your goals. Then inspire someone yourself!

Life is too short to go to a gym that doesn't help you reach your goals.