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Feel Better

Move Better

Live Better

Invest in the people who matter most to your company.

At Saco Sport & Fitness

Give your staff what they care about most.

Join other leading local companies and give your staff access to the very best in health and fitness. Our corporate memberships will be just one more thing they love about your workplace

At Your Facility

Make health a priority in your workplace.

When your employees move better, perform stronger and live healthier they aren’t just happier – they boost morale, are sick less and help reduce healthcare costs.

Unite Your Staff

Create opportunities for your team to bond as you reach toward a common goal.

Save on Health Insurance

Measurably improve your employee health so you can reduce risk and aggregate outcomes.

Boost Performance

See improved performance with fewer sick days and lower healthcare costs.

Your company matters.

We know how important your staff is to you and your company. That’s why we offer special corporate services that are meant to bring you together as a team, improve your health and overall fitness and make your workplace one they love showing up to every day.

Here's how it works.

For 35 years we’ve been helping local Companies save money, improve productivity, decrease absenteeism and sick claims and in some cases reduce your health insurance costs. We use outcomes-based classes and counseling to help your employees adopt healthy habits.

Schedule A Consultation

Meet with one of our Corporate Wellness specialists to share your companies wellness objectives and discuss which of our Wellness programs is right for your company.

Pick A

We offer 5 Different Corporate Wellness Programs. Some have no cost, some may be covered by your company’s health insurance.

Improve The Health Of Your Staff

We’ll help you launch the program to maximize involvement. Then we’ll report back to you the usage and outcomes data you want to measure the ROI.

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3 Ways to Transform Your Business

Most companies settle for employees that are willing to check-in and check-out every day. You know your workplace is capable of more and we can help you get there. Download this free PDF and we’ll show you how to boost morale, improve productivity and turn your workplace into a place people are proud to walk into everyday

Life is too short to go to a gym that doesn't help you reach your goals.