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Foster a healthy work/life balance your staff need to thrive.

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Experience the benefits of a staff that's healthy and motivated to excel.

Corporate Wellness Programs

90-Day Commit to Get Fit

Being healthy isn’t just about exercising more. It starts with educating yourself so that you can create lasting change. This comprehensive wellness program focuses on education and behavior modification including nutrition, weight loss, individual and group exercise programs as well as stress management. This isn’t a diet or workout plan. It’s a holistic approach that will give you the tools and resources you need to achieve your company’s individual and group health and fitness goals.

Health Risk Assessments (HRA's) BioMetrics and Functional + Measure the Risk

Every fitness journey starts with a plan but before you can create a plan, you need to assess where you’re at. This comprehensive health assessment measures your cholesterol, blood glucose, body mass index, body composition and other vital measurements so that you can better understand your health. From there, we can help create a personalized health and fitness plan that works for you.

Wellness Education Lectures & Workshops

Most people want to live healthier but it’s hard to know where to start and what to believe. With new trends and fads popping up every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we offer wellness education lectures and workshops to help cut through the noise and give your team the clarity they need to better understand relevant topics like nutrition, exercise, flexibility, stress management and behavior change skills. By speaking with trusted health and fitness guides, you can gain the knowledge you need to live healthier, more confidently.

Worksite Functional Assessment

Every workplace is unique both in the opportunities they face as well as the challenges. Especially when it comes to health and fitness, we know that are no cookie cutter solutions. That’s why we created a worksite functional assessment to help discover the fitness challenges your staff is facing. From there, we help you develop a custom exercise and stretching routine that will help you not only work harder, but smarter.

Onsite Exercise Classes

We know that bringing entire teams to our health club doesn’t make sense for every group. That’s why we bring the health club to you. With our onsite exercise classes, you get access to all the benefits of training and coaching, right in the comfort of your own workplace.

Corporate Memberships

At Saco Sport & Fitness, we proudly partner with companies just like yours so that they can get access to the health and fitness tools and resources they need to be thrive. If you’re interested in exploring a corporate membership, schedule a consultation below and we’ll answer any questions you might have. 

Be a company they're proud of.

The workplace is rapidly changing and more and more staff are looking for employers who value their wellness both inside and outside of the office.

At Saco Sport & Fitness, we work with some of the largest employers in York County–including schools, commercial companies, municipalities and small businesses by being their complete wellness services provider. Our programs can be adapted for any workplace or workforce so that they maximize your budget, improve employee engagement and deliver tangible results for everyone involved. 

Here's how it works.

We know how important your time is. That’s why everything we do at Saco Sport & Fitness is tailored to fit your active lifestyle, from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out.

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