Nutrition Counseling

The science is in. Your nutrition is just as important as exercising.

Lose Weight

Do exercises proven to help you get the most out of your time in the gym.

Feel Better

Receive the real-time support and encouragement you need to be your best.

Boost Performance

Save on healthcare costs by being proactive with your health.

Eating healthy doesn't have to feel overwhelming.

We all know the benefits of eating healthier but why does actually making those changes feel so complicated? At Saco Sport & Fitness, we make it simple by teaching you practical ways you can start eating better, even with your busy lifestyle.

From understanding nutrition to meal planning, we can give you all the tools you need to reach your wellness goals.

Here's how it works.

Schedule a Consultation

Book a one-on-one complimentary consultation with a registered dietitian.

Meet Your Dietitian

We'll help you put together a wellness plan that works for you.

Reach Your Goals

Get the resources and training you need to start eating and feeling better.

We're proud to be in network with most insurance plans.

Have more questions about working with a dietitian?

We know most people haven’t worked with a dietitian before which is why we want to answer all the questions you might have before you get started.

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5 Reasons to Consider a Dietitian

Are you a regular in the gym but still not seeing the results you want? Download this free PDF and find out how a dietitian can help give you the keys to success. 

Life is too short to go to a gym that doesn't help you reach your goals.